Apache Networks

Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

What You Can Expect

Minimum 12 month contract

All services include WiFi

First month of service is free

Free cancellation within 30 days with full refund, if necessary

Our Rates

One time Install Fee= $87.00 for an up to 50 foot cable run
     *(No install fee with 3 year contract)


5Mb   Down  / 2.5Mb  Up              $49.00 per Month                            ___

10Mb Down /  5Mb  Up                 $79.00 per Month                            ___


20Mb Down / 10Mb Up                 $159.00 per Month                          ___       

Static Public IP =                              $15.00 per Month                            ___

The broadband speed will be dependent on the signal quality determined upon a site survey. We have an estimated coverage map to help determine if the customer is in the coverage area. This coverage map does not take into account signal degradation due to trees, thus a site survey will be needed to determine whether or not service can be offered and what speed can be achieved.

Please see coverage map to see if you are in a potential service area.